Is "The Penn" Mightier Than "The Word"?

Two metaphorists take the ring, only one will take the cake.

Due to an unfortunate outbreak of Droopy Drawers Syndrome, the entire staff of the Metaphor Observatory had been on hiatus awaiting improved health. We gave up, and have arrived here, four months later, rested and ready for more – rest that is.

During our drowsy intermission we’ve managed to sneak in a few modest observations, albeit, the cut-ups at Quality Control cut in and cut out most of this work for being too dicey. [NB The only times QC and I have ever met eye-to-eye is when we were both seeing crosseyed].

However, while QC blinks from the effects of a mysterious random eye-poking attack, we scurry posthaste across coffee-blotched keys to add this tidbit from the pages of the Colbert Report:

This mealymouthed metaphor melee between Academy Award winner Sean Penn and Metaphor Observer Stephen Colbert spilled out onto the information superhighway this week, only to be captured and brought in for observation. It was later released to the custody of Comedy Central, where it will be pointed at, clicked at and stared at.

Moderated by former U.S. Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky, the game-show format fracas makes a fricassee out of one contestant, with the other throwing him the towel. To find out which, you’ll need to enter the ring through the bytiferous doorway above…

Metaphor Observers around the world are gleeful, as whoever may happen to hold the new title, metaphor bears the crown.

PS: It’s good to see you all again…


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