Metaphor in Financial Crisis

Here are a few choice descriptions of the financial crisis in America, as told through metaphor and analogy. We’ll keep adding to the list as they come up.
Word of Mouth

“Homeowners are the innocent bystanders in a drive-by shooting by Wall Street and Washington.”
Presidential Candidate John McCain

“I used the phrase a tsunami, this is where the earth shook and the waves go out from America, all around the world, including here.”
Former Australian federal treasurer Peter Costello

“This is sort of an economic Pearl Harbour we’re going through. I think most of [Congress] will get it and they’ll do what’s right for the country.”
Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

“Those responsible for this shipwreck must at least be punished financially.”
French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Finding another way that economic leaders could screw up was “like finding a vein on a failure junkie.”
Comedian John Oliver of The Daily Show

Headlines in Cyberspace

A political meltdown followed the financial one: World News

Begging for global financial rescue deal The Australian

Fed rescue plan buoys Wall Street The Independent

Brian Gaynor: Twin towers of debt threaten to implode New Zealand Herald

Financial Earthquake Korea Times

Perfect storm hits investors Gulf News

A financial hurricane rages on Wall Street The News Tribune

John McCain: Crisis Enabler The Nation

Vultures circle for feeding frenzy The Age

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